Over the last two years, approximately 9000 seedlings have been planted serving to buffer existing rainforest and to generate agroforest parcels that will be utilized by local people. Buffer zones are important because they connect fragmented patches of rainforest, allowing species to move between patches.

What We Do

Deforestation is a severe environmental concern in the tropics. Between the years of 1990 and 2005 the Food and Agricultural Organization estimates a net loss of approximately 4.9 million hectares per year, equivalent to the loss of an area equal to 12-15 football fields daily. Over the last 100 years, in the East Usambara Mountains of Tanzania, more than half of the original forest has been lost due to human activity.  

As you might expect, loss of forest has severely impacted the flora and fauna of this hotspot, and also has had serious ramifications for current and future generations of local people who depend on this forest for survival.

To attempt to resolve these issues, RU Reforesting will work together with our Tanzanian partners to plant an additional 10,000 seedlings of both native and cash crop species in abandoned farmland.