Adopt a Tree

Every $5 tree sapling purchase will help:

  • ​Reduce the progression of deforestation in Tanzania, Africa
  • Reduce habitat loss for species that rely on forests and woodlands for survival 
  • Support the funding for raising, caring and transporting of seedlings
  • Create cash crop opportunities for locals to earn income and send a child to school for a whole year

Your purchase of a sapling includes:

  • An e-mailed photograph of the adopted sapling with your name next to the sapling
  • A newsletter update about our trip in Tanzania, Africa

How Can YOU Help?

Make a Flat Donation
​All flat donations made to RU Reforesting will be used towards conservation and reforesting efforts while in Tanzania, Africa.

Take a look at our Events page for other exciting events we have planned!

Social justice and rainforest conservation are two globally important issues that our group strongly embraces.  We have chosen to act on these issues by getting involved with our Tanzanian partners to help mitigate the loss of rainforests by encouraging and supporting tree planting in degraded lands.  
If you would like to help support our mission and activities in Tanzania, you will be helping fund local village participation in the raising, caring and transporting of seedlings for plantings.  Donations will not only help with the group's efforts in May 2018, but also to continue the project in the years to come!


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